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The U.S. legal system provides rights and protections for property owners. The kind of property or ideas that can be reduced to practice is referred to as Intellectual Property. Intellectual property owner's rights are protected by federal patents, trademarks and copyright laws.

Business ideas, business names and inventions should be protected just like any other property. These are your ideas and your livelihood so you should hire an Intellectual Property Attorney that will work with you to protect your intellectual property via patents, trademarks. Lewis Brande is that attorney.

We have all heard of federal patents for inventions and ideas but what are they really? A patent is a federally issued document that grants the creator of the invention or idea an enforceable right that excludes other people from practicing the claimed invention. Call the Law Office of Lewis Brande today for more information on how he can help you obtain a patent for your invention or idea.

Trademarks are brand names, words, phrases, symbols, sounds or designs that are used in association of a product or services to be performed. These are intellectual properties that the public learns to associate with a specific product or services. These are protected under intellectual property law. Lewis Brande can help you protect your trademark for your business or product.

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