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I strive to make the legal process of protecting your creations as easy as possible. The Law Office of Lewis Brande is available for appointments seven days a week, and I will even meet with you on nights and weekends at a place that is convenient for you.

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Lewis Brande

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As a fellow creator and innovator, I understand the value of your hard work and creations. I'll use my legal skills to help you protect your inventions and new business ideas. After completing two master's degrees in Engineering, I decided to put my knowledge and experience to use in the area of inventing. Since obtaining my law degree, I have focused my practice on the area of intellectual property law. Backed by a unique perspective and over 20 years of experience helping inventors and entrepreneurs of Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas, I'm confident that I can guide you toward solutions to fully protect your intellectual property today.


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Thorough Legal Analysis

To fully protect what's rightfully yours, it's important to understand all of the legal aspects and available options. The Law Office of Lewis Brande takes special care to understand your specific creation, and the goals you have, to align you with the proper solution that best serves your interests.

Through a collaborative effort, I work hard to answer your questions and address your concerns so that you can make informed decisions about the direction of your future success.

Effective, Pragmatic Solutions

When you've taken the time to create something, whether it be an idea, invention, or business, your hard work should be respected. You deserve the opportunity to grow and develop your intellectual property for success without concern that it will be stolen, copied, or sold without your consent.

From patents and trademarks to copyright laws, with the Law Office of Lewis Brande on your side, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your intellectual property and valuable assets are well protected.

Offering Knowledgeable Assistance for Your Patent & Trademark Needs

California is known as a land of dreamers. And it's true — people are testing their ideas and creating new inventions and businesses every day. These innovators can make great livings off of their creations, and you could too. If you have that next big idea, you need to protect it, and that's where intellectual property law comes in.

Intellectual property law protects your ideas, inventions, and business plans with federal patents and trademarks. It protects exclusive control over your tangible ideas that can be replicated or implemented for profit. Hiring an experienced Intellectual Property Attorney is imperative for legally protecting your creations, ideas, and future success.

Don't risk your hard work falling into the wrong hands. With over two decades of experience guiding entrepreneurs, inventors, and small businesses through their patent and trademark law options, I'm prepared to align you with the solutions that best fit your unique needs as well. Don't wait to reach out for legal assistance that can benefit you.

I take a collaborative approach to help protect your intellectual property and future success because no one understands your creation better than you. I'll clearly explain your available options and help you navigate the legal process so you can move forward with confidence. Contact my office in Rancho Cucamonga, California today!